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IAAF Chall  Taicang  CHN  30 March  Race walk

IAAF Race Walking Challenge

Men's events:


Women's events:

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 20 km walk  
1Wang Zhen CHN24 Aug 911:17:36 AR PB
2Chen Ding CHN5 Aug 921:17:40  PB No 2 CHN alltime
3Cai Zelin CHN11 Apr 911:18:47  PB No 15 CHN alltime
4Giorgio RubinoITA15 Apr 861:20:10  SB
5Jared TallentAUS17 Oct 841:20:34  
6Christopher LinkeGER24 Oct 881:20:41  PB No 8 GER alltime
7Pyotr TrofimovRUS18 Dec 831:20:51  
8Inaki GomezCAN16 Jan 881:21:05  
9Adam RutterAUS24 Dec 861:21:23  PB No 9 AUS alltime
10Luke AdamsAUS22 Oct 761:22:50  SB
11Chris EricksonAUS1 Dec 811:23:09  
12Dane Bird-SmithAUS15 Jul 921:23:15  SB
13Hagen PohleGER5 Mar 921:23:18  SB No 15 GER alltime
14Choi Byung-Kwang KOR7 Apr 911:23:45  SB
15Chu Yafei CHN5 Sep 881:24:48  SB
16Brendon ReadingAUS26 Jan 891:25:07  SB
17Evan DunfeeCAN28 Sep 901:26:20  
18Rhydian CowleyAUS4 Jan 911:27:21  
Ian RaysonAUS4 Feb 88 DQ 
Kim Dong-Young KOR6 Mar 80 DQ 
 20 km walk  
1Liu Hong CHN12 May 871:25:46 AR PB No 2 CHN alltime
2Lu Xiuzhi CHN26 Oct 931:27:01 AJR PB WJL No 7 CHN alltime
3Qieyang Shenjie CHN11 Nov 901:27:04  
4Gao Ni CHN14 Sep 911:28:06  PB No 16 CHN alltime
5Claire TallentAUS7 Jun 811:28:53  PB No 2 AUS alltime
6Sun Huanhuan CHN15 Mar 901:30:21  SB
7Tanya HollidayAUS21 Sep 881:33:15  
8Monica EquihuaMEX23 Sep 821:34:40  
9Jeon Yong-Eun KOR24 May 881:35:09  
10Tatyana KorotkovaRUS31 May 821:37:23  
11Weon Aseas-Byeol KOR8 Apr 901:39:09  
12Nicole FaganAUS24 Jul 891:42:48  SB
Zuzana Schindlerov√°CZE25 Apr 87 DNF 
Melanie SeegerGER8 Jan 77 DQ 
Tatyana SibilevaRUS17 May 80 DQ 
Bekki LeeAUS25 Nov 86 DNF