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Carmelita Correa Mexico   5 December 88

Age: 26 years 16 days
Club/team: Tec de Monterrey
4 National Titles

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Pole vault        
Outdoor Progression4.05A   NCXalapa30 Aug 2014
Indoor Progression3.65   Hou InvHouston TX1 Feb 2008

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Pole vault
Outdoor Alltime  Show/hide
2008  3.95A  2Ciudad de México1 Mar
2009  3.96A  1Xalapa16 May
2010  3.95 NR 1Relevos TecMonterrey12 Mar
2011  3.85A  10PAGGuadalajara24 Oct
2012  4.02  1Relevos TecMonterrey20 Mar
2013  4.00A  1NCZapopan21 Jun
2014  4.05A  1NCXalapa30 Aug
Indoor Alltime  Show/hide
2008  3.65i  5Hou InvHouston TX1 Feb

in 2012:

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Pole vault
4.02   PB (239)1Relevos TecMonterrey20 Mar
3.85   10MSRWalnut CA20 Apr
3.70A   1NCCiudad de México12 May
3.80   7IbAmCBarquisimeto10 Jun

In major events:

Pole vault
CAC 2011: 53.70
PAG 2011: 103.85A
IbAmC 2012: 73.80
CAC 2013: 13.95A

Pole vault, 10 best results (legal):
4.05A 1Xalapa30 Aug 2014
4.02 1Monterrey20 Mar 2012
4.00A 1Zapopan21 Jun 2013
3.96A 1Xalapa16 May 2009
3.95A 2Ciudad de México1 Mar 2008
3.95 1Monterrey12 Mar 2010
3.95A 1Morelia6 Jul 2013
3.91 1Monterrey20 Mar 2009
3.90 1Monterrey13 Mar 2008
3.90 1Walnut CA17 Apr 2010
Average: 3.959

Total results in db: 28

By event:

Pole vault: 28