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Compiled by Mirko Jalava, Tilastopaja Oy.

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Koji Ito Japan   29 January 70 - 182 cm - 72 kg

Age: 44 years 327 days

60 m    Winstreak: 1 (finals)   
Indoor 6.61   Beijing19 February 1997
100 m    
Outdoor 10.00 NR 1.9 1s2 AsianGBangkok13 December 1998
200 m    races under 20.30 (legal): 3
Outdoor 20.16  1.9 1h2 NCKumamoto2 October 1998
Indoor 20.63 AR  2s2 WCMaebashi5 March 1999
400 m    Winstreak: 1 (finals)   
Outdoor 46.11   2r4 MSRWalnut CA21 April 1996


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