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Xue Changrui China   31 May 91

Age: 23 years 109 days
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Name in Chinese: 薛长锐
Pole vault 5th at World Indoor Championships 2014
Pole vault World Championships finalist 2013
Pole vault Asian Champion 2013
1 National Title

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Pole vault    competitions over 5.80m: 1   
Outdoor Progression5.80 NR  World ChallBeijing21 May 2014
Indoor Progression5.76   Nice8 Feb 2014
Long jump        
Outdoor Progression7.15  1.1 4-17 NC-jTaian1 Nov 2008

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Pole vault
Outdoor Alltime  Show/hide
2011  5.30  3NCHefei10 Sep
2012  5.60  2NCKunshan24 Sep
2013  5.65  1NGPFShenyang15 Jun
2014  5.80 NR 1World ChallBeijing21 May
Indoor Alltime  Show/hide
2011  4.95i  4NGPShanghai26 Feb
2012  5.00i  5=NGPNanjing13 Feb
2013  5.75i  2Nevers23 Feb
2014  5.76i  1Nice8 Feb
Long jump
Outdoor Alltime  Show/hide
2007  6.98  1.15-16NC-jSuihua29 Jul
2008  7.15  1.14-17NC-jTaian1 Nov

in 2008:

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Long jump
7.15   PB (1302)1.14-17NC-jTaian1 Nov

In major events:

Pole vault
NG 2013: 15.60
WC 2013: 125.50 12q5.55
Cont Cup 2014: 25.65
Pole vault
WC 2014: 55.75

Pole vault, 10 best results (legal):
5.80 1Beijing21 May 2014
5.76i 1Nice8 Feb 2014
5.75i 2Nevers23 Feb 2013
5.75i 1Dijon1 Feb 2014
5.75i 5Sopot8 Mar 2014
5.70i 2Orléans18 Jan 2014
5.70 3Angers30 Aug 2014
5.70 3Aachen3 Sep 2014
5.65 1Shenyang15 Jun 2013
5.65 5Bruxelles5 Sep 2014
Average: 5.721

Total results in db: 42

By event:

Pole vault: 40
Long jump: 2